HVAC Load Reduction Module

The HLR 15M and 14M Indoor Modules* are all-inclusive air scrubbing solutions that contain regenerative sorbent cartridges, along with embedded web-accessible controls and sensors. Individual or multiple HLR modules can be used depending on the building size. The HLR modules can be retrofitted into an existing HVAC infrastructure or installed in new construction or renovation. The HLR 15M and 14M Modules are designed for indoor use. The HLR 15R Module (not shown) is an outside model designed for rooftop installations.

HLR Technology®

HLR technology represents a vital addition to conventional HVAC systems to reduce the heating and cooling load of outside air. enVerid’s molecular air cleaning technology removes contaminants from indoor air, thereby decreasing the required volume of outside air ventilation while providing the most cost-effective, safe and reliable solution for indoor air quality.

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enVerid Cloud™

The HLR 15M and 14M Indoor Modules support IoT connectivity and are linked to the enVerid Cloud using a secure cellular connection. End-to-end encryption and system hardening provide additional layers of security. Facility managers and engineers have 24/7 access to a dashboard with IAQ measurements with a secure login to the enVerid Cloud, HLR module status and the energy savings.

ASHRAE Standard Compliance

The HLR 15M and 14M Indoor Modules are compliant with ASHRAE 62.1 Indoor Air Quality Procedure (IAQP), the preferred approach to achieve energy efficiency and indoor air quality (IAQ). Introduced in 1981, IAQP is a performance-based design procedure that determines outdoor air intake rates based on an analysis of contaminant sources and air cleaning capacity to stay below recommended contaminant concentration limits.

The ASHRAE 62.1 Standard recognizes that “The IAQP may allow for a more cost-effective solution to providing good air quality.” Additionally, “The IAQP may also be used to achieve better air quality than VRP.”

The cleaning efficiency for HLR modules was tested by a third-party lab in accordance with ASHRAE Standard 145.2 – Laboratory Test Method for Assessing the Performance of Air-Cleaning Systems.

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